Full HD displays
Flat cables conform to V-by-One® HS standard

Axon' Cable has increased its line of 100Ω flat cables for full HD displays and offers cables which are fully compliant with the V-by-One® HS.
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LVDS connectors
Flat display connection for LVDS to mate FI-R PCB connectors

Axon' has increased its line of flat flexible cables and flat display connections to offer FFC LVDS for HD displays.

Axon' FDC100 LVDS connector has been specifically designed for use in High Definition LCD or Plasma televisions and displays using Low Voltage Differential Signaling.

LVDS FFC are 100 ohm flat flexible cables terminated with connectors compatible with FI-R connectors.

  • LCD television
  • PDP (plasma) TV
  • LCD monitors
  • Game consoles
  • Industrial monitors
  • Monitors for TV studios